Norma Bessieres


Norma Bessieres, a French painter born in 1964, only depicts zebras in her work.

She originally started a career in literature at the university. Norma soon found painting to be more her passion.

She started her professional career in 2001 at Cour Roland Jouy en Josas, France. After some experiments, she decided to only paint zebra. With their natural curve and their perfect optical illusion, Norma finds the zebra to be a perfect model and subject for her paintings.

Norma Bessieres
Norma Bessieres


Like Victor Vasarely before her, during the opt movement, she uses perfectly zebras to suggest a three-dimensional effect. On some of her paintings, she also adds colors. To suggest that the animal is not only limited to its own natural colors. But can be extended and harmonized with modern decoration. Norma Bessieres is very confident for her future. She says that zebras still provide daily inspiration for her.

Why the Gallery Carton

“I am always eager to find new artists” says Karin. “For me, it is a never completed quest. There is always a new artist. That is just waiting to be found. When I first saw Norma at a gallery in Versailles,  I was mesmerized. I really wanted her for the gallery. I found Norma Bessieres’ work to be very elegant, and to fit perfectly in a modern interior. Plus Norma had already had a name: she already had exhibitions in prestigious galleries in Switzerland, Miami or Paris”.

” Moreover, my new gallery is located in Laguna Beach, CA. And there is a lot of modern homes here. Art lovers can easily integrate a decorative painting like Norma’s art, as part of their interior decoration.”

Karin has more than 30 years of experience in contemporary and modern paintings.